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Electronic Signature for any Document. From home, work, anywhere.

eSignAnyWhere is the Electronic Signature Platform that simplifies and speeds up your tasks.

Sign it, Share it, Store it.

What is eSignAnyWhere for?

eSignAnyWhere is the Advanced Electronic Signature platform that allows you to quickly manage all your commercial activities and electronically sign each document in a legally binding manner.

With a simple to use interface, you can prepare your documents with Document Designer and the plugin that connects the platform to your Microsoft Office Suite. And you can also integrate eSignAnyWhere via API to your business systems.

eSignAnywhere allows customers to manage the entire signing process in a simple and secure way. eSignAnyWhere is easy to use and intuitive; you can choose between different types of signature, such as the “one-click signature“, the “Two-Factor Authentication Signature“, the “Biometric Signature” and many others.
Plus, you can automate repetitive tasks and bulk mail to multiple recipients.

Security is fundamental. And it is a legal requirement.

With Namirial  eSignAnyWhere you’ll conform fully to your customer’s privacy and security rights.

All communications with our service take place through encrypted channels (HTTPS). We offer MFA (multifactorial authentication technology) for signers and strong encryption of biometric signatures.

The simplest solution for Contract Management

eSignAnyWhere Benefits and Features

The easy and ready-to-use web platform

Power up your Onboarding

Organizations using eSawAnyWhere solutions have streamlined their customer onboarding and contracting processes, reduced acquisition costs, increased goal achievement, and significantly improved customer satisfaction.

Less Work. More Flow.

Senders of review and signature requests can count on extremely simple workflow management. Customers, business partners and employees can legally sign anytime, anywhere, using any device.

Fully Compliant, Secured and Legal

Namirial operates as a certified and qualified trust service provider (QTSP) according to EU regulation 910/2014 eIDAS. In addition, Namirial issues digital certificates that allow you to create qualified or advanced electronic signatures, supporting both in-person transactions and remote signature scenarios.

Fast Integration

Our platform easily integrates into any organization, architecture or use case. You can start with our cloud service and then upgrade to your private corporate network or integrate it with your software. Our unified platform makes it easy to migrate between different services and use cases.

With the easy-to-use interface, creating and sending envelopes with simple or complex workflows takes just three steps.

Document Designer helps you create signature fields with a simple drag and drop process. And then you can also save the documents you create as templates, so you don’t have to repeat the operation!

The Microsoft Office plugin allows you to upload a document (e.g. Word) directly into eSignAnyWhere, and you’ll be ready to add signature fields right away.

The signer can be guided and assisted by the system, and can sign with the following methods: Click to Sign, Draw to Sign, Type to Sign, biometric signature, remote certificates, disposable certificates. You can choose between advanced electronic signatures and even qualified electronic signatures!

The Dashboard gives you a list of all the Envelopes; you can see the status of the issues, send reminders and review the completed processes. You can do keyword searches, and download it all in CSV reports.

Plus, you can manage your organization’s teams, define user permissions, assign roles, and orchestrate teamwork to perfection.

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